[How to choose soy sauce]_How to choose_How to choose

[How to choose soy sauce]_How to choose_How to choose

There are many housewives. When they go shopping in the supermarket, they will choose, because according to their family experience, they will choose the most suitable for their family. Soy sauce is also divided into many brands, and different brands eat them.The taste is also different. The soy sauce to be matched with each dish should have different flavors, so how to choose soy sauce?

Modern socio-economic development is rapid, and the development of the economy together is the people’s pursuit of gourmets, as large as the court gourmet, as small as the daily small stir-fry all affect the heart of everyone who eats, and the only thing that eats food is people who love to eat, andIt should be some people who have a love and persistence about food. They are people who respect the ability to distinguish and appreciate any food. They will not dislike any food and will not give up easily.For any kind of food appraisal opportunity, from five-star hotel food to small street food can be evaluated one by one. As a foodie, you should also be aware of the production of food, so that you can complete food-orientedExplore the pursuit of novelty on the taste buds, and in-depth understanding of the connotation of each kind of food and the differences after the different dishes are prepared, but when it comes to cooking, we all know that the essential seasoning for Chinese people is soy sauce, soy sauceNot only can we brighten and brighten our dishes, but also help us adjust the taste of the dishes, but many people do not know how to choose选Soy sauce do not know the trick of them, in fact, soy sauce selection is also a lot of doorways.

Soy sauce is a Chinese traditional condiment that is irreplaceable by every household. Originally, soy sauce was made from beans and wheat bran together. It was an imperial condiment used by the emperor in ancient times.It was injected into the folk, and then someone accidentally found that the flavor made from soybeans is quite similar to soy sauce, and then it began to spread widely in the folk. The early soy sauce manufacturing was originally a family affair, a secret of art and family.Multiple brewing masters and masters hold the same, and brewing technicians are often worn by a group of masters and future generations to form some form of brewing, but now it is very convenient to eat soy sauce, just need to go nearbyYou can buy one or two of the supermarkets, but now there are also a large variety of soy sauces in the supermarkets. You can be overwhelmed. You have no idea how to choose so many brands and types.

Most people do not know how to choose. Generally, they are randomly purchased, or some of them are usually bought directly when they see a lot of advertisements, or they are randomly purchased among the ones recommended by friends, butThe different types of soy sauce, the different brewing methods, the use of flavor and the nutritional value are also different, so this choice of soy sauce must not be randomly selected, as for how to choose soy sauce, which can make a lot of sense.

Soy sauce in daily life can be roughly divided into these two categories. Old soy sauce, raw soy sauce and soy sauce are generally the seasoning soy sauce that we use in daily cooking. These soy sauces are not eaten raw and generally need to be heated before being eatenRaw soy sauce refers to the soy sauce that is usually used in cold dishes. The hygienic standards of this kind of soy sauce are generally relatively high and can be eaten raw. As for how to distinguish old soy sauce from raw soy sauce, basically the bottle body will be marked on the package.Ming, and there is another thing to be noted in packaging Shanghai, which is to pay attention to whether this soy sauce is brewed or blended. Generally, the brewed soy sauce is better than the blended soy sauce, because the brewed soy sauce is oftenThe taste will be more delicious and mellow than the mixed soy sauce, and the content of food additives will be compared. The relative price will be higher than the mixed one, but it is better brewed for the sake of health.

There is also that when you choose soy sauce, you can pick up the soy sauce and shake it a little. The high-quality soy sauce is as viscous as air bubbles, and it is easy to cause bubbles.Good quality, mellow taste, not bitter.

The last thing to note is the amino acid nitrogen content of this soy sauce. This content will also reflect the quality of the content on the bottle packaging.