[Hot cold drink brown sugar ginger soup]_Wind and cold_Action

[Hot cold drink brown sugar ginger soup]_Wind and cold_Action

The cold is also called wind-heat cold. This kind of cold often causes the body to develop fever and headache symptoms. It is not suitable to drink ginger soup for treatment when wind-heat cold occurs.The effect of ginger soup in combination with treatment is quite good, because ginger soup has the effect of driving cold and keeping warm, and has a good sweating effect. Let’s take a look at this content.

Hot cold drink brown sugar ginger soup? According to different symptoms, Chinese medicine divides colds into three categories: “wind-heat syndrome”, “wind-cold syndrome” and “summer-heat-dampness syndrome”. In spring, “wind-heat cold” is common and belongs to colds.”Wind-heat syndrome”. At this time, drinking hot ginger water is “heating up”, which is very unfavorable for treating colds.

Although drinking bowls of ginger soup is a common method for folks who have a cold, it is not advisable to drink ginger sugar water for wind-heat colds.

When treating colds and colds, you can take onion ginger fried brown sugar water, but you can’t use foods like ginger, onion, brown sugar, etc. to treat colds and colds. If used, it will promote the heat and make the disease worse.

It is not advisable to use foods such as brown sugar and ginger for colds and colds, but beverages such as mint tea should be given a cooling solution.

Therefore, brown sugar ginger water, lightly boiled water, considered to be a good recipe for colds, will become heavier and heavier when dealing with colds in spring.

Patients with “Fengreganmao” are usually characterized by severe fever, aversion to cold and mild cold, yellow cough, phlegm, dry throat, red nose, cloudy nose, and red tongue. This obvious “wind-heat syndrome” can no longer be used. “Warm medicine” heats up patients to prevent colds from getting worse, which is counterproductive.

How to treat colds and colds? Cold medicines, such as mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, and mint, which have cool ingredients, can be used to treat the cold.

Fengreganmao suggest you can try dietary methods: 1. Mint porridge, mint decoction, take the juice to cool, take the previous rice and boiled porridge, when the porridge is ready, add mint juice and an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Serve lightly, and sweat best.

Peppermint is the medicine for evacuation of wind and heat. In addition, the previous rice and rock sugar made porridge can cause sweating and have a stomach-protecting effect.

This soup drink is most suitable for those who are new to wind and heat.

2, mulberry chrysanthemum and mint drink: mulberry leaves, chrysanthemums, mint, bitter bamboo leaves, similar to honey, add an appropriate amount of water, boil, replace tea frequently.

Mulberry leaves clear lung fever; chrysanthemums evacuate wind-heat, and eyesight is flat; menthol is the medicine to evacuate wind-heat, which can quickly relieve symptoms such as fever and headache.

Patients with high blood pressure or headache may also be suitable.

In addition, at the same time of drug treatment, drink plenty of water. The diet should be light and nutritious. Do not eat irritating, greasy, cold food.

Spicy foods are tonic foods and mild fruits. They are all eaten or not eaten by patients with colds and winds. Pay attention to your diet and replace colds.