[Can pregnant women eat mung beans]_Pregnant women_Pregnancy

[Can pregnant women eat mung beans]_Pregnant women_Pregnancy

Because mung bean belongs to Gan Han, it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, quenching heat and quenching thirst, and is also one of the best products for pregnant women to prevent pregnancy edema.

However, pregnant women cannot eat mung beans for a long time. Because mung beans are cold, it is recommended that they can be cooked into mung bean porridge.

The content of lysine in mung bean is higher than other crops.

Lysine is an essential amino acid for the human body.

It is an important raw material for the synthesis of protein, which can improve the utilization rate of protein, thereby improving appetite and digestive function.

It can promote development, improve intelligence, increase height, and gain weight, so it is called nutritional amino acid.

In addition, mung beans also contain starch, trace, protein, multivitamins and zinc, calcium and other minerals.

Traditional medicine believes that: mung bean has a sweet and cold taste, is nontoxic, has heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, relieves heat and quenches thirst, replenishes water and swells, repels eyesight, and has the effect of skin beauty.

Can pregnant women eat mung beans?


If mung bean is added with some corresponding medicines or food ingredients for medicated diet, it will not only be delicious, but also have high medicinal value. Regular food can transform health care and prevent diseases.


So as a pregnant woman, eating mung beans also lowers the fire and can also eliminate fetal poison.

From these aspects, it is enough to show that pregnant women can eat mung beans.

So under what circumstances can pregnant women not be able to eat mung beans?

Although there are many benefits to mung beans, mung beans are cool foods after all, and pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more.

Do not eat mung bean food when taking medication, especially warm supplements, to avoid reducing the efficacy.


Uncooked mung bean has a strong fishy taste, and is easy to nausea and vomit after eating.


We know that pregnant women can eat green beans, but it is recommended not to eat too much. Eating too many cold foods is not good for themselves and food development.

In addition, we must know the most healthy way to eat mung bean soup. Mung beans should not be overcooked, so as not to damage the organic acids and vitamins and reduce the effectiveness of clearing heat and detoxifying.

How do pregnant women eat mung beans in the hot summer to be healthy?


Mung bean cold, pregnant women can not eat more, but it does not mean that pregnant mothers have left this wonderful summer drink.

Experts point out that pregnant mothers can add a bit of red dates when cooking mung beans to balance the cold air of mung beans and taste sweeter.


At this time, pregnant mothers can also add appropriate amount of soy milk, soy milk can also clear the heat and relieve heat, so that moms and baby in the stomach can comfortably spend the hot summer.